Joginder Kaur, a caregiver from Chandigarh

I have a son who has an intellectual disability and staying in a residential home in another city for the past few years. I am a retired person and mostly at home. So life becomes very boring and depressive at times. After joining the Citizens for Inclusive Living, I started giving time for to the noble cause of campaigning for a group home for the persons with mental disabilities. I had sent many emails addressing the urgent need of a group home facility in Chandigarh.

I was also part of the press conference held by CIL in March 2022 and after one week honourable administrator UT Chandigarh announced construction of a new group home in Chandigarh. I am very happy that with the collective efforts of all caregivers and professionals, construction work of group home building has now started. I feel at least somebody will get benefit out of this; I can realise the pain of not having a residential facility in a modern city like Chandigarh. I feel so proud to be a member of CIL. We are hopeful that a group home facility in Chandigarh would inspire other states to establish similar facilities for persons with mental disabilities.

Barkhu Ram, a father and caregiver

My son is 32 years old and he has been living with Schizophrenia for past 12 years. I belong to the economically weaker section (EWS). It has been a really tough time for me and my family. My two daughters are fortunately married and settled. I am worried about the future of my son.

I am associated with Citizens for Inclusive Living (CIL) since the time it started the group home drive in Chandigarh. I had given the name of my son for the list submitted for the requirement of a group home in the city. I came to know about the group home concept in detail from the meetings conducted by CIL from time to time. I assured them to contribute as much as I can. They have guided my daughter to send emails on my behalf to the government authorities to address my concerns for the urgent need of a group home. My daughter also stays in touch with other members to get the latest information. My daughter attended the annual general body Meeting of CIL.. We feel so good to be a part of CIL as this organisation is working for the rights of caregivers and persons with mental illness. My stress regarding the residential needs of my son has come down as a group home building is already under construction.